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Microscope Measuring Calibration Ruler


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Microscope Calibration Microscope Glass Slides Reticle Ruler Stage Dial Micrometer For Biological Measuring Calibration Ruler



Item name: microscope calibration

Size: 25 mm x 75 mm

Material: optical glass

Suit Microscope: stereo microscope or biological microscope



This set of micrometer will help you make a quantitative analysis on the micro world, the features of your microscopic greatly expanded. Physical, visual with the appropriate micro scale, can measure the dust, fiber and other fine material in diameter, length and their dispersion. In addition, also can be used to check whether the magnification, field line and other technical parameters of your microscope are accurate. So, it is a simple and practical detection tool on epidemic prevention, environmental protection, health education, textile fiber inspection and all Departments which are working with microscopes.


Package Included:

1x microscope stage micrometer calibration



We have different kinds of microscope calibration slides and microscope micrometers, please contact us. Thanks.

Customization is acceptable.


NO.1 Model MS-1-1:

1 DIV. = 0.01 mm

100 Scales

Total Length: X = 1 mm

NO.2 Model MS-1-2A:

1 DIV. = 0.1 mm

1 DIV. = 0.01 mm

X Ruler 1 = 100 x 0.01 mm = 1 mm

X Ruler 2 = 100 x 0.1 mm = 10 mm

NO.3 Model MS-1-3:

1 DIV.=0.1 mm

1 DIV.=0.01 mm

1 DIV.=0.05 mm


NO.4 Model MS-1-3A:

1 DIV. = 0.1 mm

1 DIV. = 0.01 mm

X Ruler 1 = 100 x 0.01 mm = 1 mm

X Ruler 2 = 100 x 0.1 mm = 10 mm

NO.5 Model MS-1-4:

1 DIV = 0. 1 mm, 1DIV = 0.01 mm

Measuring Range: 0.1 mm x 100 = 10 mm, 0.01 mm x 100 = 1 mm

0.15 mm diameter dot

0.07 mm diameter dot



NO.6 Model MS-1-4B:

Diameter of the Round Dot: 0.01 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm, 1 mm


NO.7 Model MS-1-5:

Plain cross scale 0.1 mm, 1 DIV = 0.01 mm

Calibration Dots (1.5 mm)

Calibration Dots (0.6 mm)

Calibration Dots (0.15 mm)

Calibration Dots (0.07 mm)


NO.8 Model MS-1-1B:

1 DIV = 0.01 mm



NO.9 Model MS-1-1J:

X = 10 mm

DIV = 0.1 mm

NO.10 Model MS-1-EB:

1DIV.=0.01 mm, 0.1 mm, 1 mm

1DIV.=0.1 inch, 0.01 inch, 0.001 inch

X=25.4 mm (1 inch)



Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number




Product Type


Item Name

microscope calibration


25 mm x 75 mm


optical glass


10 types

Suit Microscope

stereo microscope or biological microscope


about 35 g


MS-1-2A, MS-1-1, MS-1-3, MS-1-3A, MS-1-4, MS-1-4B, MS-1-EB, MS-1-1J, MS-1-1B, MS-1-5


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