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21 Natural Stone Specimens

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21 Types Natural Stone Set Colored Rough Natural Raw Crystal Set Mineral Specimen for Home Furnishing Decoration Collection DIY



Item Name: natural crystal stone set

Material: pink crystal

Production process: rough stone

Modeling: geometric shape

Each stone’s size: 2-3 cm

Suit for: elementary and middle school students

Each types tone’s weight: about 100 g


Package Included:

1x set (21 types)



The quantity of stones is not fixed, may be 1-5 pieces each types, please refer to the weight.


Details list:

1. Pink Crystal

2. White Crystal

3. Green fluorite

4. Color Fluorite

5. Brazilian Citrine

6. Lemon Citrine

7. Deep Purple Amethyst

8. Light Purple Amethyst

9. White Turquoise

10. Watermelon Red Stone

11. Donglin Yu

12. Red and Green Stone

13. Orange Rock

14. lapis lazuli

15. Red Jasper

16. Black Tourmaline

17. Tianhe Stone

18. Obsidian

19. Blue Stone

20. Opal

21. Labradorite


Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number




Product Type

Microscope Glass Slides

Item Name

natural crystal stone set


pink crystal

Production process

rough stone


geometric shape

Each stone's size

2-3 cm

Package including

21 types/set

Each types stone's weight

about 100 g


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